Please note that this firmware is for the MicroDXP connected via the on-board USB connector only. 

This is a tool for updating the USB firmware for MicroDXP, you can verify your current USB firmware version by checking the "USB Version" in Help | About from ProSpect and upgrade if needed.



Steps for updating:


  • Download and unzip the package
  • Run "loadiic.exe"
  • Select the connected MicroDXP
  • Click on "Load iic File" button
  • Select "MicroDXP.iic" to load


MicroDXP USB Firmware v2.0.20 (2020-07-31)

Changes: This version improves communication stability by removing an unneeded read after a command response sequence.


Previous Releases

MicroDXP USB Firmware v2.0.19 (2019-07-12)

MicroDXP USB Firmware v2.0.18 (2017-03-24)


MicroCOMU USB Firmware


This can usually be left at factory default, unless you have accidentally flashed the microCOMU USB firmware and need to restore it.

MicroCOMU USB Firmware v0.0.7(2016-06-07)