Support for a device or application on a certain platform usually depends on the device driver type. Exceptions will be noted on this page.


Windows XP
32-bit Windows 7, 8 [6] ×
64-bit Windows [1]
    7 [2]
    8 [3]
× [7] ×
Native 64-bit [4] × × ×
Linux [5] ×


[1] 64-bit Windows support is for drivers only. When the application is installed on 64-bit Windows, it will install to C:\Program Files (x86) and run in 32-bit mode.

[2] 64-bit Windows 7 systems not updated with Windows Update since March 2015 need Microsoft KB3033929 installed manually in order to successfully install the USB2 driver. The update provides SHA-2 cryptography support and fixes a Code 52 driver installation error.

[3] We have not done extensive testing with Windows 8. In general the driver packages tested with Windows 7 and 10 are expected to work.

[4] Recent releases of Handel are built and tested with native 64-bit compiler. Due to availability of third party drivers and libraries, only PLX and USB2 devices are supported.

[5] XIA does not provide graphical configuration and spectroscopy applications for Linux. Handel source is portable to Linux and the listed devices are maintained in the Linux-specific driver file so users may compile Handel in their Linux applications, typically via EPICS dxpApp.

[6] Initial tests with DLPortIO and 32-bit Windows 7 failed upon connection. There is no longer official support for DLPortIO. Other direct port access libraries may be available as an option. EPP is not supported in ProSpect 1.0.6 and later. EPP driver code is left in place in Handel source code, turned off by default.

[7] PLX devices (e.g. XMAP) are supported on 64-bit Windows. However, some combinations of crates and controllers exhibit communication stability issues. XIA Sales will work with you to ensure a compatible system is delivered.

For existing systems, several crate/bridge combos have been tested to work reliably on Windows 64-bit system. The crate is generally less important than the choice of bridge. The detailed list follows:

1. NI PXI-1033 crate which has a built-in MXI-Express controller.
2. NI PXI-1036 crate with a PXI-8360 controller.