Pixie Viewer Version 4 for Pixie-4 Express

The Pixie-4 Express is operated through the Pixie Viewer software version 4. This version also supports Pixie-500 Express and Pixie-4 modules. However, the Pixie-4 settings files are not compatible with software version 2.x.

The Pixie Viewer requires Igor Pro from Wavemetrics to be installed on the computer.
Igor Pro Version 6.x and 7.x is supported (but not the Version 7.x 64bit variant).
Igor Pro Version 8.x "should work" but has not yet been tested.

Supported operating systems:
        Pixie-4 Express:       Windows 7, 10 (32bit and 64 bit)
        Pixie-500 Express:   Windows 7 (32bit and 64 bit)
        Pixie-4:                    Windows 7 (32bit and 64 bit)
The software can be assumed to be still compatible with Windows XP. 


The last full release, Version 4.60, for the Pixie-4 Express can be downloaded here:


Please see below for most recent documentation and for the details of recent changes:



For troubleshooting of the Pixie-4e operation, please see the Pixie-4e FAQ


The most recent LabVIEW demo interface (version 4.60) for the Pixie-4 Express can be downloaded below. The zip file contains only the LabVIEW VIs and requires installation of the main software release. Last tested on LabView 2018 (64 bit). We recommend starting LabView as administrator, then opening the Pixie VIs.



Software version 4.60 and higher uses PLX driver version 7.10. While all driver files are included in the Pixie software installer, we recommend installing the PLX SDK as the easiest way to update drivers. Please download SDK version 7.10 from the Pixie-16 release page and install with default options before installing the Pixie software.


Pixie Viewer Version 2 for Pixie-4 and Pixie-500

The Pixie-4 and Pixie-500 are operated through the Pixie Viewer software interface. The interface requires Igor Pro from Wavemetrics to be installed on the computer.  Supported operating systems: Windows 7 (32bit), 10.

Supported Pixie-4 hardware revisions are C, D, E.
Pixie-500 modules are no longer actively supported in version 2.8x

Pixie-4 Software

The general purpose Version 2.82 for the Pixie-4 can be downloaded here
Changes to 2.73:

- updated PLX drivers to version 7.1, for compatibility with Windows 10
  (The easiest way to install new PLX drivers is to run the PLX SDK, see support.xia.com/default.asp?W372)
- Updated serial number decoding for Rev. E modules > 700
  (New modules will work ok with older code, but their reported s/n will be off by 270)


The LabVIEW coding example (version 2.67) for the Pixie-4 can be downloaded here:


The general purpose Version 2.63 for the Pixie-500 can be downloaded here:



Notice to 64-bit Windows Platform Users

Timeout errors on Windows 64-bit systems have been caused by the inability of National Instruments MXI-3 and MXI-4 PCI bridges to handle 64-bit bus transfers. This include the PCI/PXI-8336 cards. National Instruments recognized the problem and recommended using either 64-bit capable embedded computers or MXI-Express bridge controllers. We tested both hardware options and found it consistent with NI claims. Therefore if you plan to use a 064-bit Windows platform please consider the prospect of facing limited hardware choices, since NI will not support MXI-3 and MXI-4 bridges in the 64-bit environments.

Several crate/bridge combos have been tested to work reliably with Pixie-4 modules on a Windows 64-bit system. The crate is generally less important than the choice of bridge. The detailed list follows:
1. NI PXIe-1062Q mixed crate with a PXIe-8370 bridge.

2. NI PXIe-1062Q mixed crate with a PXIe-8108 embedded computer.
3. NI PXIe-1062Q mixed crate with a PXIe-8821 embedded computer.

4. NI PXI-1033 crate which has a built-in MXI-Express controller.
5. NI PXI-1036 crate with a PXI-8360 controller.

This hardware list is incomplete, and more crate/controller/computer combinations are expected to work.

A fix with a significant performance loss is available for those users who wish to continue using MXI-3 and MXI-4 based hardware if data throughput is not important. The modified driver library (Pixie.xop) for release 2.2.0 can be downloaded here:


Note: In some cases, Windows 7 administrator privileges are required to properly execute DMA transfers (e.g. spectrum readout). Even on a Windows user account with administrator privileges, it may be required to specifically start Igor Pro as administrator (find "Igor" in the Windows Start Menu,  right click, select "run as administrator", then open the Pixie Viewer from Igor via File -> Open -> Pixie4.pxp).

Modified driver libraries without DMA I/O can be downloaded here (v. 2.67)



Notice to Linux Platform Users

Linux 64-bit systems do not seem to be affected by problems with NI MXI-3 and MXI-4 bridge drivers, and any bridge/crate/computer hardware combination is expected to work.

A user developed Linux software for the Pixie-4 is available here:



Temporary custom code releases