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Current ProSpect Release

ProSpect v1.1.12 (2017-05-18)



  • Automatically reselect the Scope tab if it was selected while switching products.
  • If an error occurs on startup, a button is available to view the log.
  • Display the USB firmware version in Help | About.
  • Fixed DSP parameters display after resizing the window.
  • [Installer] Offer to download and install Windows 7 SHA-2 cryptography support if it's not already installed and device drivers are to be installed. This system update (released on Windows Update in 2015) is needed for driver verification.

Previous Releases


ProSpect v1.0.30 (2016-04-13)


Microsoft KB3033929. Windows 7 systems not updated since March 2015 need this update installed manually in order to successfully install the USB2 driver. Fix for Code 52 driver installation error.



v0.1.21 (2013-01-11)



  • Added USB2 driver installation for 64-bit windows.
  • Enabled maxwidth acquisition input control
  • Implemented improved fit algorithm in ROI Mean and FWHM calculation. Regular curve fitting and Gaussian fit can be toggled by clicking on the Mean and FWHM column headers on the ROI table.

v0.1.16 (2011-09-29)


Please note that this and previous versions of ProSpect only works under 32-bit Windows 7, 64-bit Windows is not supported due to driver compatibility issues.


  • Updated Handel to v1.1.11.

v0.1.15 (2011-05-02)


  • Updated to Handel 1.0.10
  • Added mapping option pages in ConfWizard
  • Added Handel SDK to ProSpect release
  • Support saving spectrum data from multiple channel at the same time
  • Added system tab on the config panel to indicate channel status
  • Added Gate option to acquisition config page
  • Support for Save / Load SCA limits and data
  • Support for multiple peaking time / preamp types
  • Added channel selector to DSP parameters panel

v0.1.12 (2009-08-15)


  • Revised firmware path of sample configuration files
  • Added gain matching tab for supported (multi-channel) devices.
  • Previous zoom range on spectrum display is now cached when switching from floating to full scale, floating and full scale can be toggled with mouse double click.
  • mercury feature:
    • Added check for when board type is "mercury" and "mercury4"  
    • Add customer-specific mercury Product ID to the list of supported devices

Looking for Handel?
The Handel SDK is now included with ProSpect. If you want to download Handel separately, please get it from the Releases section.