Current Vega Release

ProSpect v1.1.42 (2020-09-08)


Please note that ProSpect v1.1.42 and greater will only support the new microDXP Vega






Previous Releases


Please note that the following version of ProSpect and Handel will only support the legacy Vega hardware

Handel v1.0.6


  • Updated spectrum reading method according to firmware changes.
  • Added an additional scale factor to make energy coeff scale value more sensible.
  • Implemented statistics with overflows.
  • Added support for ADC trace sample interval.

ProSpect v0.1.11

  • Support display of gated and ungated spectra in overlayed plots, and side-by-side display of gated and ungated statistics.
  • Save both gated and ungated statistics in spectrum files.





















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